The programme and its benefits

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global is an exchange programme financed by the European Union to facilitate business exchanges between European new entrepreneurs and experienced host entrepreneurs in Canada (Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia), Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA (NY State, California), with the help of contact points, active the field of business support and entrepreneurship.

As a host entrepreneur (HE), you can benefit from fresh ideas from a motivated new entrepreneur on your business. He/she may have specialised skills or knowledge in an area that you do not master, which could also complement yours. You can also benefit from access to new markets, international cooperation and potential possibilities for collaboration with business partners abroad.

New entrepreneurs (NE), on the other hand, benefit from an experience in a small or medium-sized enterprise in a country outside of Europe. This will ease the successful start of their business or strengthen their new enterprise.

The exchange between the two entrepreneurs, which can last between 1-3 months, is a win-win collaboration whereby both of entrepreneurs can also discover new markets or business partners, as well as different ways of doing business.

The role of these contact points, also referred to as Intermediary Organisations (IOs), is to facilitate successful relationships between the new entrepreneur and the host entrepreneur. To this end, they promote the programme, offer support with the applications process, arrange contacts between entrepreneurs, support the drafting of the plan for the exchange, and provide support to entrepreneurs during the exchange. Every relationship between a new and a host entrepreneur needs two IOs (one responsible for the NE and the other for the HE).